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The postgraduate course has a
360 hour class load
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About the course

The purpose of this MBA is to provide knowledge of Tax Management (public and private perspective) and Tax Completion of Tax Divisions of Inter-American and Euro-American Corporate Groups, as well as the Management of Tax Administration Bodies in America and Europe, being a premise factual approach to publicize and analyze the different tax regimes that affect inbound and outbound reciprocal investments in America and Europe, including the different vehicles most used in financial practice such as, among others, Investments Funds, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Trusts, Securitizations, Insurance with Investments Underlyings, among other Autonomous Investment Equities, Foundations, Holdings, etc., as well as from the “Base Erosion and Profits Shifting Perspective of the OECD”.
  • 13 countries
  • Current and relevant international tax issues
  • 100% online course



Important Data

Unidades, detalles y profesores

Diploma Program

(i) Casuistry;
(ii) Tax Rulling (Treasury Reports);
(iii) Jurisprudence (Administrative and / or Judicial) and Leading Cases;
(iv) Transfer Pricing Completion Duties.

Case Study: Jurisprudence and / or Reports of the Tribute Management Body.

(i) Tax Planning Family Offices; (ii) Investments in Investments Variable Income (shares) and Fixed Income (Bonds) and Financial Hybrids Contracts; (iii) Hybrid Entities: Mutual Investment Founds, Trusts and Trusts; (iv) Hybrid Financial Products (Currency). Case Study: Jurisprudence (Administrative and / or Judicial) and / or Tax Rulling (Reports of the Tribute
(i) Country that signed the Multilateral Anti-BEPS Treaty? If you did not sign the Anti-BEPS Treaty, were Unilateral Rules issued ?; (ii) Effects of the Global Information Exchange Treaty: If they signed or not? Case Study: Real applied consulting and trends in real
(i) CFCs (“Controlled Foreign Corporations”); (ii) PFICs (“Passive Foreign Investment Company”); (iii) Indirect Sale of Shares; (iv) Fiscal Control of Intercompany Tax Planning; (v) Repatriation of Funds (vi) Foreign Tax Credit; (vii) Duration of the Residence Certificate and other Basic Compliance Rules. Case Study: Jurisprudence and / or Reports of the Tribute Management Body.

Course Details

To train EVPs, SVPs, VPs Directors and Managers of the private sector in tax matters, with a public, civic and tax ethical approach, as well as efficient officials and executives of the main Tax Administrative Bodies of Europe and America. Give students the necessary tools to understand and apply the legal, accounting-tax bases, concepts, institutions and practical aspects of tax management and tax compliance. To train creative and proactive public servants in the definition, execution and evaluation of tax policies, as well as in the new functions that are generated in the matter of control, as a consequence of the internationalization of the economy and of the applicable regulations, according to the plans of the OECD in its BEPS Actions Plans. Potentialize the professional skills of students and their multidisciplinary skills towards an integral vision of the tax world, which allows them to understand the public-private dimension of the subject, through an appropriate combination of management theory and tax compliance, case analysis and exchange of experiences . To give students instruments of public management and negotiation, to train them as professionals with managerial skills and leaders of their profession in a changing, global and multidisciplinary fiscal environment, especially if they work in Tribute Management Bodies; especially because the BEPS / OECD introduces alternative mechanisms in conflict resolution (eg arbitration), when benefits of Agreements to Eliminate Double Income Taxation under the “BEPS Multilateral Tax Treaty” have been rendered void.

Module: South America (Inbound – Outbound)
1.1. Brazil – March 2020
1.2. Argentina – April 2020
1.3. Uruguay – May 2020

Module: North America (Inbound – Outbound)
2.1. USA – June 2020
2.2. Canada – July 2020
2.3. Mexico – August 2020

Module: South America II and Central America (Inbound – Outbound)
3.1. Peru – September 2020
3.2. Chile – October 2020 3.3. Colombia – November 2020
3.4. Venezuela – January 2021
3.5. Costa Rica – February 2021
3.6. Ecuador – March 2021

Module: Europe (Inbound – Outbound)
4.1. Spain – April 2021
4.2. Italy – May 2021

Our methodology is based on synchronous sessions with the teacher and other students, and asynchronous sessions to analyze case studies, discussion forums, etc. It allows working with flexibility of schedules and places, with the same quality as the face-to-face courses. In relation to each of the aforementioned countries, teachers should manage the content of the four themes, and such topics should be presented in the approximate period of one month. During this period, four synchronous classes will be held, in which teachers will discuss the content of the four subjects (one topic for each classroom) and some practical cases, which will be informed, in a timely manner, to students with at least , fifteen days before the date of the synchronous classes. In the case of the student losing synchronous classes, you can view them later, since they will be taxed and made available on the FBT Teaching Platform.

Thus, the four topics of the course should be treated as follows: The professors indicated:
* Bibliography for reading, for each of the 4 topics;
* Four case studies that will be discussed in four live online classrooms of 2 hours each, with the students. The teacher should discuss a case study in the classroom. Students must complete:
* Reading of all the materials of each module;
* Study each case study that will be discussed with teachers in each country;
* Attend and participate, with comments, of the four online classes, live, from each country, being a class for each subject of the course. Finally, the student will make a thesis at the end of the Master, which will serve as a support requirement for approval and obtaining the Master Latu Sensu, which will be corrected by Teachers designated by the FBT Organizers;

At the end of each course, there will not be one grade per course but, on the contrary, the grade will be made only and exclusively with the final diploma thesis.

Days and times of classes:

Live classes will be taught on Mondays from 8 pm to 10 pm (Brasília Standard Time).


"La buena gerencia tributaria de agentes privados implica cumplimentar los deberes solidarios de contribuir y generando “valor” a los accionistas de las empresas privadas, así como para determinar las tasas efectivas de impuestos en el contexto de políticas fiscales y gestiones administrativas de fiscalizadores que busquen un óptimo de "Laffer”. "


allison christians

Allison Christians

H. Heward Stikeman Chair in the Law of Taxation – McGill Faculty of Law and part of the “Global Tax 50” list.
peter barnes

Peter A. Barnes

Counsel at Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered, and Senior Lecturing Fellow at Duke law school.
david rosenbloom

David Rosenbloom

Partner at Caplin & Drysdale and Director of the International Tax Program at NYU law school.
cesar garcia novoa

César Garcia Novoa

Catedrático de Direito Financeiro e Tributário da Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Licenciado e Doutor em Direito pela mesma universidade. Diretor do Master de Comércio Electrónico e do Curso de Especialização em Direito Tributário da Universidade de Santiago.
felix alberto vega borrego

Félix Alberto Vega Borrego

Profesor Titular de Derecho Financiero y Tributario de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Doctor en Derecho y Premio Extraordinario por la UAM.
felix daniel

Félix Daniel

Abogado. Doctor en Derecho. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Máster Universitario en Tributación/Asesoría Fiscal (Oficial). Centro de Estudios Financieros – Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (UDIMA)
maria del carmen camara barroso

María del Carmen Cámara Barroso

Licenciada en Derecho y Administración y Dirección de Empresas. Doctora Internacional en Derecho por la Universidad de Jaén y Máster en Tributación/Asesoría Fiscal por el Centro de Estudios Financieros. Profesora doctora en la Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (UDIMA)
domingo jesus jimenez

Domingo Jesús Jiménez

Profesor Doctor – Derecho Financiero y Tributario – Facultad de Derecho Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Investigador en el International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (Países Bajos), en el Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law (Austria) y en la University of Florida (Estados Unidos)
addy mazz

Addy Mazz

Catedrática en Derecho Financiero, Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay. Directora del posgrado Especialización en Derecho Tributario.
alexandre siciliano

Alexandre Siciliano

Advogado, LLM em Tributação Internacional pela Universiteit Leiden, Holanda. Especialista em Finanças e Negócios Internacionais pela New York University. Especialista em Gestão Internacional de Negócios pela FGV-SP.
cristian j billardi

Cristián J. Billardi

Profesor adj. interino de Derecho Tributario U.B.A. (Argentina) y de Posgrado en diversos Países de América Latina e Italia. Doctor en Derecho por la UNIPA-Italia. Miembro activo de la AAEF; Secretario de la Associazione Italiana per il Diritto Tributario Lationoamericano y Miembro Honorario de la ABDT.
dario rajmilovich

Dario Rajmilovich

Asesor fiscal de empresas. Contador Público (UBA). Especialista en Tributación (UBA). Profesor Adjunto Regular Fac. Ciencias Económicas (UBA). Miembro Activo de Asocación Argentina de Estúdios Fiscales y de la Internacional Fiscal Association.
juan pablo godoy fajardo

Juan Pablo Godoy Fajardo

Expresidente y Miembro Honorario del Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Triburario y de la IFA Capítulo Colombia. Socio Fundador de Godoy & Hoyos Abogados. Miembro del Observatorio de Jurisprudencia del Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Tributario.
leonardo moraes e castro

Leonardo Moraes e Castro

Advogado, Doutorando em Direito Tributário Internacional pela Universiteit Leiden (Holanda). Doutorando e Mestre USP. LL. M Taxation – Georgetown Law. Juiz do TIT/SP. Conselheiro do CMT/SP.
michael zavaleta

Michael Zavaleta

Director Ejecutivo del Centro de Estudios Privados ZavaRod Institute. Tax & Legal Partner de ZavaRod Consulting. Co-diretor do curso.
patricio masbernat

Patricio Masbernat

Director de los Programas de Magíster y Doctorado en Derecho de la Universidad Autónoma de Chile. Abogado Corporativo.
rafael gonzalez saborio
costa rica

Rafael González Saborío

Licenciado en Derecho, Universidad Autônoma de Centroamérica. Maestria Ejecutiva en Administración de Proyectos, Universidad de Cádiz, España. Sócio de Impuestos y Legal en Grant Thornton (C.A.). Socio de Impuestos y Legal en Deloitte & Touche (2001 a 2017).
ramon tomazela

Ramon Tomazela

Advogado, Doutorando e Mestre USP. LL.M. Viena.
serviliano abache carvajal

Serviliano Abache Carvajal

Abogado mención Magna Cum Laude, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Especialista en Derecho Tributario mención Honorífica, Universidad Central de Venezuela.
yubani ramirez amayo

Yubani Ramirez Amayo

Doutora em Direito pelo Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas (UNAM), Coordenadora da Comissão de Direito Tributário do Colegio de Abogados. Membro do Conselho Nacional de Administração da Academia Mexicana de Derecho Fiscal.
rodolfo servin gomez

Rodolfo Servín Gomez

Doutor em Ciências Fiscais com menção honrosa pelo Instituto de Especialização Executiva (IEE), Bacharel em Contabilidade Pública e Mestre em Tributação pela Universidade de Guadalajara.
mirna solange screpante
austria 1

Mirna Solange Screpante

Bacharel em Contabilidade pela Universidade de Buenos Aires, possui especialização em Direito Tributário pela Universidade Autral. LL.M. em tributação corporativa e internacional pela Universitat zu Koln.
esperanza buitrago diaz

Esperanza Buitrago Diaz

Bacharel em Direito pela Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia); Doutora em Direito Fiscal (Universidad de Salamanca); Pesquisadora na Maastricht University (Holanda).
javier mitre bethancourt

Javier Mitre Bethancourt

Asesor de Asuntos Tributarios y Director Ejecutivo del Centro de Capactaciones Profesionales Fiscales CCPF-IFA Panamá. Asesor Fiscal-tributario en Asamblea Nacional de Diputados.
marcos jose bravo catalan

Marcos José Bravo Catalán

Doctorando en Derecho y Ciencia Politica (Universitat de Barcelona); Magíster en Planificación y Gestión Tributaria (Universidad de Santiago de Chile); Contador Auditor (Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana). Profesor (Universidad de Chile; Universidad de Santiago de Chile). Asesor e investigador en Directrices del Plan BEPS de la OCDE.
luis emilio veintimilla leon

Luis Emilio Veintimilla León

Funcionario de carrera del Servicio de Rentas Internas. Admnistración Tributaria del Ecuador, dirección Nacional Jurídica. Miembro del equipe negociador de Convenios Internacvionales para Evitar la Doble Imposición, con participación en rondas con Bielorrusia, Dinamarca, Hungria, Reino Unido, entro otros.

vera de hesselle

Vera de Hesselle

Professora na Hoschschule Bremen (City University of Applies Sciences Bremen) localizada na Alemanha. Doutora em Direito Tributário pela Universitat Hamburg.
andrea quattrocchi

Andrea Quattrocchi

Dottore di ricerca in diritto pubblico e tributario nella dimensione europea, Università Degli Studi Di Bergamo.

Academic Directions


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Information about enrollment

1) Register directly on the site by clicking on the “Subscribe” button;
2) After registration, send the following documents:
– Educational services contract – postgraduate (2 initials signed and signed)
– Educational services contract – postgraduate (2 initials signed and signed)
– Photocopy of the individual taxpayer record (CPF)
– Photocopy of the identification (RG or RNE number)
– A certified photocopy of the diploma or declaration of completion of the course.

Data for sending documents:
FBT – Brazilian College of Taxation
A / C Academic Secretariat EAD
Rua Furriel Luíz Antônio de Vargas, 250 – Sala 501 – Bela Vista – Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil – Postal code: 90440-150

Students who complete the course, with the minimum required, will receive a certificate as a Specialist, granted by the FBT – Brazilian Tax College.

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